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April 30th, 2011 · 10 Comments ·

The Egg Chart 2006: This chart shows what happens to eggs when they are cooked to very precise temperatures. I use it to teach low-temperature cooking techniques.

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  • Isaia Panduri

    According the new buzz about egg cooking, This chart lacks the cooking times. For how long you cooked the eggs?

    • davearnold

      Hello Isaia,
      All of these eggs were cooked for 1 hour at the temperatures indicated. It is possible to cook eggs at higher temperatures for shorter times to achieve special effects (I have a separate chart for that), but I tend not to cook that way. Within an hour the eggs reach the temperature I want. After 1 hour, change occurs only slowly.

  • Jude

    I have been cooking eggs for 1 hr 40 mins at 149 f in circulator and whites are still very runny. Not firm at all. Yolks are as you describe in the chart. What might have gone wrong or what have I done wrong?

    • davearnold

      Hi Jude,
      Are you using the new circulator? Make sure the offset isn’t set to 3 degrees. If it is your eggs will be a runny 62 C. You can eaily verify temps by doing an ice bath calibration. Let me know.

  • Jude

    Just tried cooking the eggs at 154.5 for 1 hr and had similar result. Yolks were cooked as indicated on chart, but whites were very liquidy. They basically dripped off of the semi-solid yolk immediately apon being peeled.

    • davearnold

      Sorry, I just saw that you said whites. The thin white will remain runny at these temps. It acts a a release agent for the thick whites. We typically crack the eggs on a plate, brush aside the thin white goop, and slide the egg on the dish. BTW, I would turn down your circulator after an hour to an our and 15 minutes to arrest yolk changes.



  • Anonymous

    I’m particularly interested in how this method will deal with pathogens. Will it be safe from salmonella and avian flu virus?

    • davearnold

      I don’t know about avian flu virus, but this technique is much more effective than standard cooking at eliminating salmonella.

  • davearnold

    Yes and no Problem