Comments on: Drinking With Dave: The Bangkok Daiquiri The International Culinary Center's Tech 'N Stuff Blog Thu, 09 Jan 2014 18:17:16 +0000 hourly 1 By: Paul Adams Tue, 23 Jul 2013 16:47:08 +0000 Haven’t tried this! But on a related note, a few weeks ago, we tried bubbling nitrogen through fresh-squeezed lime juice, in hopes of keeping the juice from degrading. Alas, no discernable taste difference between N-bubbled and non-bubbled juice after four days.

By: schinderhannes Tue, 23 Jul 2013 08:32:59 +0000 Here is a wild idea of mine?
Have you ever tried degassing your spirits?
All common solvents contain dissolved Oxygen. In many sensitive chemical reactions it is a major problem.
What you need to do is degas the solvents. The simplest way to do this is to bubble Argon gas thru it for like 10 min (with a thin tube or syringe needle). It rips out all other gasses and saturates the liquid with the inert Argon.
(If you want to speed it up do in in a sonicator.)
This eliminates the molecular oxygen many enzymes need.
Also Argon is a lot heavier than air so a layer of argon in a bottle of degassed solvent nicely protects it. After pouting some liquor simply exchange the air in the bottle with new argon and the remaining stuff in the bottle stays degassed.
This might further improve the quality of sensitive cocktails!
You might even want to fill the headspace of sensitive cocktails in high glasses with Argon.
Unfortunately I have not time to try this. Maybe it is a bummer and schnaps without oxygen tastes awfully lame. But maybe it is the next big thing and you will find bottles of argon (can be bought for TIG-welding or for scuba diving, is real cheap) will be in every pub (starting with Booker and Dax) in no time

By: Paul Adams Fri, 08 Mar 2013 15:31:14 +0000 Ha! What do you guys call a scale that’s precise to .01g? “Your search – zentigrammwaage – did not match any documents.”

By: Jonathan Thu, 07 Mar 2013 05:06:10 +0000 w00t!! yer back!

By: david fradin Tue, 05 Mar 2013 15:56:57 +0000 welcome back. we missed u

By: schinderhannes Tue, 05 Mar 2013 13:04:30 +0000 Wow centigram, you are so SI!
Over here in g-ol Germany we never use that term, centi is only used with meters and sometimes with liters…
Though you are perfectly correct using it we´d put in 10 mgs of salt instead. Should be about the same “cum grano salis” as them Romans said LOL

By: Kyriako Tsamoglou Thu, 28 Feb 2013 11:33:06 +0000 It’s a great technique!

We actually used this to make a rather delicious Thai Basil Gelato! Same principal except, we used a lot of basil (1 big bunch) and about 150ml rum. We then added that to our gelato base.

Because we’re making a gelato and there’s no juice, we fortified it with ascorbic acid.

Had an amazing bright green colour that lasted for 2 weeks! The basil flavour got more and more intense over time…

By: Brandon Cummins Wed, 27 Feb 2013 19:11:43 +0000 Dear Paul… Thank you. :)

By: Chris Koller Wed, 27 Feb 2013 17:23:05 +0000 It’s back! Can’t wait for future posts, also great cocktail recipe. Wondering if you could freeze the basil with dry ice if LN is too much of a pain to source?

By: Bricktop Polford Wed, 27 Feb 2013 16:54:06 +0000 Cooler than liquid nitrogen to see you back, Dave. In a future post, can you expand on hacking the home carbonation machine? The NYT article was a bit short on the how to’s.