Cocktail Science in General:Part 2 of 2

by Dave Arnold This, then, is the second part of the mega cocktail science post. For the science of ice, temperature and dilution, see Part 1. Here I’ll deal with proper temperature, proper dilution, and the different qualities of shaken and stirred drinks. I will also talk about good batching techniques, and then you’ll get, […]

Cocktail Science in General: Part 1 of 2

by Dave Arnold. At this year’s Tales of the Cocktail, Eben Klemm, beverage director for BR Guests restaurants and the author of The Cocktail Primer: All You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Drink; Thomas Waugh, bartender extraordinaire at Death & Co; and I did a seminar called The Science of Stirring –a follow-up […]

Cocktail Science V: Ideal Dilution Through %ABV Blind Testing

posted by Nastassia Lopez Cocktail recipes specify ingredients and chilling technique, but they typically don’t tell you squat about the ideal amount of water added when you stir or shake with ice. Do drinks have an ideal dilution? We figured with the right people in the room we could probably find some consensus. We were […]

Cocktail Science IV: All-Star Shake-off at Pegu Club Testing Shaking Differences Between Bartenders Qualitatively

posted by Dave Arnold This is the fourth Cocktail Science shaking post. The previous are: 1: Thermodynamics of chilling: why drinks get so cold 2: Temperature, Dilution, and Ice. 3: Why do my shaker cans get stuck together? We had established in Cocktail Science 2 that the type of ice (within reason) and the shaking […]